Syria – new screen prints

I have been working on a new series of screen prints which are inspired by the terrible destruction being done to Syria. I was moved to start creating these prints when our Government decided to bomb Syria and I began to see images of the total destruction of whole towns. All the buildings, including peoples homes, were reduced to rubble, with just remnants left to show the lives which had existed there.

The first print in the series was made quickly, in the first rush of emotion stirred by the Government rushing through a decision to bomb Syria following the Paris attacks. It’s called ‘Not in my Name’, for obvious reasons. It is based on press photographs of a block of flats, which has had the whole front blown off in a bomb attack, revealing the evidence and remains of individual homes behind the rubble of the facade.


Not In My Name - 10 layer screen print

Not In My Name – 10 layer screen print

This screen print is available to buy at Creative Collective for Refugee Relief here – – with 100% of the proceeds going to help the refugees.

The second print is based on more photographs, taken by drones, of further destruction. Again, the signs of peoples former lives are visible in the rubble of what remains of their towns and cities. This print is called ‘Social Engineering’. The title reflects my research into the role played by our Government in the deliberate ‘reorganisation’ of the Middle East and African regions.

Social Engineering - 10 layer screen print

Social Engineering – 10 layer screen print