‘Stratford Olympic Park’ – monoprints

This series of monoprints began with the artist wanting to document the changing scenery over Stratford during the construction of the Olympic Park. Lynne took photographs of the construction site, from a vantage point on the roof of the old shopping centre, as it progressed from a pile of earth with the bones of the Olympic Stadium appearing and multiple cranes crowding the horizon, and onwards to the completion of the buildings we see today. These photographs were the starting point from which a hand painted screenprint layer was printed over a full colour monoprint, painted directly onto a blank silk screen and then pulled through the screen with clear medium. Each print is unique as each is hand painted and is therefore different from the others in the edition. This series of works have been exhibited at various exhibitions in the local area as well as at Bankside Gallery for their ‘London Lives’ exhibition.

‘HMSO Building, Norwich’ – 16 layer screen print

Work in progress. Here are some progress photos of my ‘HMSO Building, Norwich’ screen print showing the build up of the numerous colour layers. The image is based on an analogue photograph of the derelict HMSO building in Norwich, taken with my Lomo Fish Eye camera. Finished print size is 34cm x 36cm.

'HMSO Building, Norwich' with 9 layers printed

‘HMSO Building, Norwich’ with 9 layers printed

HMSO Building, Norwich. Screen Print with 11 colours printed

HMSO Building, Norwich. Screen Print with 11 colours printed

'HMSO Building Norwich' - The finished print with 16 layers !

‘HMSO Building Norwich’ – The finished print with 16 layers !